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We take cash, credit and check at the berry stand

Strawberry Prices: 

2017 prices


$1.60/lb under 10 lbs

$1.50/lb over 10 lbs

$1.40/lb over 40 lbs

Ready Pick: 

$3.25 for 1 pint

$9.00 for 3 pints

$16.50 for a Half Flat

$27.50 for a Flat

Honey and Jam:

2017 prices

Jam - $4.95

Honey bear - $4.75

Pint of honey - $10.00

Quart of Honey - $17.00

Farm Fresh Eggs:

When Available

$4.25 per doz.


Raspberry, Marionberry, and Boysenberries 

2017 prices


$1.75/lb under 10 lbs

$1.70/lb over 10 lbs

$1.65/lbs over 40lbs

Ready Pick:

$3.75 for 1 pint

$11.00 for 3 pints

$19.50 for a half flat

$34.50 for a flat

Closed for

the winter

Seasonal Crops


The strawberries that will be available this year are the following: 

      Benton, Shuksan and Hood

Check for strawberries in May/June

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Koch Family Farm proudly produces three different varieties of raspberries: Meekers, Cascade Dawn, and Cascade Delight. 

The Raspberries are usually available starting in July. Call us or check Facebook to get updates

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Marionberries are hybrid cane berries produced by a breeding program between OSU and USDA ARS. Marionberries are a type of blackberry that account for over half of all blackberries produced in Oregon.

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These are large semi-sweet berries (larger than marionberries) that are a combination of blackberries, loganberries, and raspberries. Boysenberries are known for their large seeds and deep maroon color. 

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Tomatoe varieties are early girl, better boy, big beef, roma, willamette and several heirloom varieties and sungold cherry tomatoes always a favorite.

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Golden Jubilee super sweet corn


Over 12 varieties of pumpkins will be available later this year

Additionally, many garden vegetables (such as peppers) and six varieties of winter squash are planned to be planted.

Hay Maze and Hayrides

In October